Transformation happens everywhere and at any time. People and organizations are constantly changing. Fortunately! Because in constant transformation lies the chance to unfold new potentials and to continuously improve oneself. Not only to become more effective and successful, but also happier and more connected. For this to succeed, an inner compass is needed that guides people as well as companies – especially in a hyper-complex world that offers less and less external orientation. This is TRANSFORMATION BEYOND: the development of new potentials – for people, for leadership, for companies. Join us on this path to true personal and professional transformation beyond the limits of what has been possible so far.

Work In & Work Out: TRANSFORMATION BEYOND accompanies you along the path of personal and professional growth with a unique combination of well-founded management knowledge, effective coaching tools as well as intensive mental and physical training. The portfolio ranges from transformation consulting and executive coaching through to personal development, meditation and yoga. We inspire managers and employees through exciting, motivating presentations, develop managers in customized Leadership Development Programs, or go into even greater depth with intensive seminars and retreats from our unique MIND MOVEMENT MASTERY portfolio. And don’t worry: everything is esoteric-free, and based on the knowledge of modern neuroscience and our substantial experience in business and top management. The integral transformation of people and companies – that is our calling, that is what we believe in and what we do.


We at TRANSFORMATION BEYOND feel called to support people and companies in their growth and development, and thus make them more successful, clearer and ultimately happier. The starting point for such transformation is the development of the individual’s potential. Encouraging and supporting individuals is a core task of leadership and of companies that no longer turn people into objects, but rather empower them to organize themselves as subjects.

Beyond for People

The potential of every human being is limitless. Because our brain provides us with an infinite number of networking opportunities; they are our potential. However, we only use a fraction of these: the areas that we shape through experience and interaction with other people. The rest goes to waste. We support you in transforming old habits, structures and patterns, and in realizing what is hidden beyond the familiar.

Beyond for Leadership

Leadership in a hyper-complex world no longer works in chains of command. Modern leaders do not treat employees as executing instances, but rather perceive people as subjects with infinite potential and with their needs for connectedness, self-determination and self-esteem. The leader of tomorrow does not look down, but sees things from the perspective of his employees and their needs. Such leadership with a clear mind and a developed heart makes you an “enabler” who unfolds the potentials of others.

Beyond for Companies

Hierarchical structures have had their day in a networked and digitized world. What is needed are modern, flexible and agile organizations that enable their employees to organize themselves and develop their potential. This means nothing less than turning away from “top-down” and developing modern forms of organization, in which people can find meaning and fulfilment by means of an “inner compass”.


TRANSFORMATION BEYOND begins with the development of the individual’s potential and personality. Such transformation requires an inner compass. The six actions of the “Paramita” (Sanskrit: “to reach something beyond all limitations”) form such a frame of orientation for our thinking and acting.


The virtue of generosity comprises unlimited openness of heart and mind, compassion and selfless beneficence. It is a quality of a developed heart, always aimed at the well-being of others, whilst being free from judgments and expectations.

Ethical Conduct

The virtue of ethical conduct is manifested through honest behavior, personal integrity, morals and self-discipline. It is expressed in the daily lifestyle, in the deep respect for others, as well as in compassion and non-violence of thought, word and deed.


The virtue of patience comprises calmness, tolerance and acceptance. With it we develop an inner strength of mind and heart that enables us to deal with the challenges of life calmly and full of confidence, without losing our composure and inner calm.


The virtue of perseverance is characterized by the qualities of energy, diligence, persistence and continuous effort.  With this virtue we develop courage, energy and endurance, so as to be able to pursue our path and our goals to the benefit of all beings.


The virtue of concentration is manifested in the qualities of meditation, contemplation, mindfulness and mental stability. The ability to concentrate stabilizes our mind and our emotions. We achieve inner clarity and develop insights in order to dismantle our habitual deceptions and attachments.


The virtue of wisdom comprises maximum insight and complete understanding, free from all limitations created by concepts, opinions or pure intellectual knowledge. If we develop this virtue, we see the fundamental nature of reality with extreme clarity, freed from the cloudiness of the illusions of our mind.


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Mind Movement Mastery
Workshop “The Essential” / Starnberger See

Mind Movement Mastery
Feminin Pluriel / Hamburg

Mind Movement Mastery
Workshop “The Essential” / Starnberger See

27.06.19 – 30.06.19
Mind Movement Mastery
4-Tages-Retreat/ Klais