Spirit for Leadership

Leadership with an old mindset cannot function in new worlds. The more global, interconnected and diverse the environment becomes, the greater the importance of value-based and thought-out leadership – from the inner. It is nourished by a focused mind, a positive concept of humanity and a developed personality. Only leadership personalities who have first assumed the leadership of their own life will also succeed in developing the potential of others, granting space and thus creating competitive advantages. The mindset makes the difference. Because actions develop from attitudes.

SPIRIT FOR LEADERSHIP supports you in transforming your leadership work, and helps you develop a modern understanding of leadership and act accordingly. Nicholas Pesch and his team speak the language of your leadership teams. They go into the depths of personality development in order to generate greater impact from managers. They advise companies and executives personally and flexibly, and offer help in helping oneself. The successful combination of professional know-how, long years of experience from working in many sectors and companies, as well as high process expertise, results in enhanced decision-making competence and sustainably better results. Nicholas Pesch and the SPIRIT FOR LEADERSHIP team generate and accompany genuine change – in individuals, in teams, in the entire company.


What counts today – in every company throughout the world – is clarity, awareness and focus as anti-pole to pressure to perform, instability and disruption. As an international consultant Nicholas Pesch has witnessed this fact in companies all round the globe – and has experienced it at first hand as top manager with responsibility for over 1,000 employees.

He knows the questions that managers are today having to confront to an ever greater degree. How can I lead my staff better in turbulent times? How do I overcome volatility, uncertainty and complexity? How can I rediscover meaning in what I am doing? The answer to all these questions: through a clear and focused mind. Nicholas Pesch brings this to your company via coaching and advising.

Nicholas Pesch has long years of experience in the field of Top Executive Coaching and in international business consulting. His mission: to combine economic efficiency and humane growth. Because he knows that genuine potential can only develop if our mind, our body and our actions are harmonized. “The mind is the key to performance excellence” – this is the profound conviction of the successful cosmopolitan, business consultant, author, top executive coach and mentor. But for him it is not solely about performance. It is about deeply felt pleasure, about concentration and mindfulness. And about compassion – for oneself and for other people.


The international SPIRIT FOR LEADERSHIP team combines highly developed expertise in various consultancy fields with extensive experience of management. Each consultant has a unique background and is qualified in specific fields, meaning that the right individual partner is available for every company and every task. The international team works all over the world. Your company can also benefit from this expertise and experience with immediate effect.


Professional background

  • Managing Director of Transformation Beyond
  • Speaker and author
  • Organizational Consultant and Executive Coach
  • Principal in an international business consultancy for Human Resources Management
  • Head of a business consultancy for personnel and organizational development
  • Director of a leading German call-center company
  • HR Development in an international advertising and marketing agency
  • Degree in social sciences

Further training

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CTI)
  • Certified Executive Coach (Hephaistos)
  • Further training courses in systemic consulting and systemic coaching (including Fritz Simon)
  • Process Consultant (Team Rosenkranz)
  • Communication Consultant (Schulz v. Thun)
  • Further training courses in gestalt therapy, psychodrama, transaction analysis, group dynamics, NLP
  • Training courses in Enneagram (Enneagram Institute, Riso/Hudson)


  • Member of the ICF International Coaching Federation
  • Extensive meditation experience in Dzogchen, Mahmudra, Vipassana
  • Longstanding student of the Diamond Approach (A.H. Almaas)


Spirit for Leadership
Spirit for Leadership

"And suddenly I was writing emails with the same awareness as when meditating."

Meditating during a meeting? Yoga in front of your desk? Finding calm in a storm of emails? Sounds like a dream scenario in a world in which stress is considered sexy – and in which “work-life balance” suggests that working is not living. Top performers are always at full speed. Relentlessly without rest is their motto. Breaks? A luxury enjoyed only by the lazy. Studies prove what has long been common knowledge: job action and a lack of leisure time have become status symbols. Life comes later. And fate has invented burn-out for coming back down to earth.

Only work, hardly any life: for a long time, Nicholas Pesch was taken in by this madness. As a top manager with a meteoric rise in the new economy, success moved from being an end in itself to an addiction. On the one hand there were the fine wines, smart lobbies and frequent-flier miles. On the other hand meditation and self-discovery – just for far too short a time and far too rarely. Separated by an insurmountable wall from the life in the fast lane. Until the big bang came. The tank was empty, the hustle and bustle of the rat race had lost their meaning.

What followed was paralyzing fear – fear that nothing would be left when the success faded. Not the fate of one individual, but a risk to which every workaholic is exposed. “This separation – actually just a construct of our mind – must be overcome,” says Pesch today, and uses “I am everything except busy” to show you how this actually works.

As a consultant to international companies Pesch is an expert in transformation management – as a speaker and author he is passionate about inner transformation. 49 impulses show readers how they can finally overcome the work-life balancing act, instead again learning to appreciate their own needs – and above all how to fulfill them. Pesch brings clarity and depth when dealing with themes that quickly trigger shame and fear in everyday life: monotony, problems, sex, death. “Don’t know that, don’t want that, is fantastic, I don’t care,” are the standard replies. Convenient but dangerous. Because those who refuse to think outside the box will get nowhere, certainly not as far as recognizing meaning in their own actions. “I am everything except busy” erases run-of-the-mill perceptions and opens the eyes to what makes people contented in the long-term: success, through genuine presence and precise knowledge of individual needs. The result? No matter whether cold calling or wellness massage – your mindset remains the same: focused and composed. It need not therefore be the yoga mat in the office hallway: reading “I am everything except busy” has the same effect – and occupies less space in your briefcase.

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  • Leadership Development on the highest level: purposeful, with great depth, analytical und pragmatic. Nicholas Pesch and his team understand how to develop potential, how to inspire our leaders time after time, and to bring them to a new level.

    Peter H., Vice President HR
  • Thank you for the stable and trust-based collaboration during turbulent times. Nicholas Pesch and his team played a decisive role in helping us successfully realign the company: with outstanding accompaniment during the implementation of new structures, and a great deal of inspiration for movement in the minds.

    Oliver B., CEO
  • The coaching with Nicholas Pesch went into depth, and quickly reached the core essentials. The collaboration has made me better as a manager and developed me as a person. His fresh and provocative manner repeatedly triggered a process of reflection in me. The process was not always comfortable but very fulfilling. Absolutely recommendable!

    Julia G., Vice President Marketing
  • The seminars with Nicholas Pesch and his team are highly enriching, and an important building stone in the development of our managers. I particularly appreciate the innovative approaches and captivating workshops, as well as the unique combination of personality development, leadership know-how and meditation.

    Jan K., Board Member
  • The Change Consulting by Nicholas Pesch and his team provided us with lasting support during volatile times. With utmost competence and extensive experience they successfully accompanied us through the restructuring measures, and initiated a mind shift in our heads. Uncomfortable, confrontational, yet with a great deal of empathy – excellent quality as consultants, moderators and coaches.

    Antje R., Division Head
  • Nicholas Pesch is a challenging, intensive and enriching coach. Working with him has enabled me to rediscover myself in many respects, and to change in a lasting manner. The coaching has taken me decisively forward as a leader and as a person.

    Paul W., CFO