Our philosophy

We all lead increasingly interconnected, hectic, fast and, regrettably, less meaningful lives. We continue to rush around without being aware of why we do the things we do. The body has to function, yet the mind is only an abstract idea to which there is no connection. The consequences are painful exhaustion syndromes, increasing aggressiveness, a society that threatens to tilt closer and closer to crisis.

It is our mind that determines our actions and our reality. If we organize the inner we shape the outer. Mental training and inner work pave the way to deep self-understanding, reflection and ultimately transformation. The silent power of yoga leads back to a unique understanding of the body. Understanding the interaction of body and psyche, developing empathy, positioning the levers at the right place – the self. You can achieve this with MIND MOVEMENT MASTERY.

Our unique program enables you to go deeper than during a conventional retreat or a wellness break. We impart contemporary, spiritual teaching that takes account of modern findings of psychology and neuroscience, as well as of the conditions of life today. We illustrate the path to a fulfilled, authentic, humane life, full of confidence, inner strength and mental calmness.


  • an exclusive way to greater self-fulfillment and transformation.
  • intensive accompaniment during the search for your true nature and the richness within you.
  • inner liberation, essential experience and genuine transformation.
  • a modern synthesis of meditation, mental training and embodiment on the path of yoga.

Take the first step today towards realizing your potential and your inner richness 


During our three to five-day intensive retreats you will discover how enriching it is to take a deeper look at your inner self. Because it is precisely there – deep inside you – that your true richness is hidden. The richness that helps you come to your central point. And also to remain there when everyday life is again rushing down on you. For greater fulfillment in your job, in life, in your family and in your relationships. And for a good place in the world.

The retreats are aimed at men and women of all ages. No matter whether you have already come into contact with yoga, self-experience or meditation – we start exactly from your current situation. We see our retreats as spiritual sparring, as individual coaching and as accompaniment towards a more fulfilled life. They benefit above all high performers, entrepreneurs and managers, and of course all other people who feel that that cannot yet be it.  You have the possibility of leading an authentic, fulfilled and humane life.

We welcome courageous and open-minded participation on your part, inquisitiveness and an openness for exciting mental and physical challenges.

We also wish to point out what Mind-Movement retreats are not: they are not locations for seminar tourism, neither wellness vacations nor esoteric club encounters. With all respect for the spirituality, we do not wish to be soul gurus. We believe that our working methods represent the perhaps most pragmatic way to experience and transform oneself. And we do not need incense sticks for this. The retreats are likewise not suitable as psycho-therapeutic intervention for psychic problems. 

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A day that belongs only to you and your journey to your self. Our workshops are not get-a-taste courses, but rather intensive training days that move people innerly and outwardly. They can be booked by both companies and private persons, and go into the depths of Inquiry, Embodiment, Meditation and Yoga with you. Understanding, experiencing, changing the deep connection between psyche and physique, and by so doing increasing calmness and acceptance – this is the essence of the work.

We bring presence and fulfillment back to everyday life through our holistic approach – at selected locations or also in-house in your company.

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The dates and locations of our retreats and workshops will appear here shortly. Would you like to receive advance information now, would you like to go deeper then ever before and enjoy a MIND MOVEMENT MASTERY experience?

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