Mind Movement Mastery

Who am I really? Am I leading a happy life? Am I fulfilled in what I do? Why have I lost contact to my self? Our wish is to provide you with answers to these and similar questions at the MIND MOVEMENT MASTERY retreats. Answers that actually take you forward. You can expect profound experiences and astonishing insights that will open up new perspectives and enable you to discover your own self.

We accompany you on your journey to sustainable personality development and intensive self-knowledge in a unique combination of the wisdom of old spiritual paths and knowledge from modern psychology, coupled with the intense yet relaxing breathing and body work of yoga. Meditation, mental training and embodiment become deeper and clearer. Challenging, yet effective and fulfilling.



Our Approach

We understand MIND MOVEMENT MASTERY as “Work-out & Work-in” for body, soul and mind. With our rich treasure of experience we draw on various expedient methods that will spur your efficiency and happiness.


Meditation is silent time, a travel inwards, with an alert mind in the present moment. Greater awareness and a clear mind will make it easier for you to recognize the core of a matter or situation, and to act more effectively.

Meditation trains the ability to become aware of what is happening at the present moment. It enables us to recognize essentials with a clear perception and broadened thinking, and to find orientation in ourselves.

Science and in particular brain research have demonstrated in a series of studies that people who meditate are more efficient, calmer, more satisfied and happier in every respect. Meditation thus helps deal more effectively with burdens and in reducing stress. Those who meditate regularly develop their emotional intelligence; the result is more successful interaction with others. Meditation increases the powers of concentration, improves decision-making ability and raises efficiency. Meditation increases your own presence. With greater awareness and a concentrated mind, you act more effectively and can achieve more.

The core element of meditation is finding the way back to the present moment. You stop comparing yourself to what you would perhaps like to be in the future or were in the past – you simply are. Your thoughts pass by, your feelings no longer unsettle you, your ego becomes meaningless. What remains is you, free from all illusions and connected to everything – without limits!


We understand Inquiry as a process of open self-questioning. The core element is the experiencing of total presence. We ourselves are both the target as well as the source of what we are searching for. Work with Inquiry triggers tension and conflicts, and connects you to your inner wisdom and intuition. Concepts and self-perceptions lose their importance, greater transparency is created for your true inner nature. Previously rigid barriers are made flexible through the understanding and acceptance of what we are and where we are. The method creates access to a new paradigm of human and spiritual knowledge, and equips us with profound and effective means with which to develop and realize our full human potential.

In this new understanding, all manifestations of the human soul are directly connected to their basic spiritual nature – including the ego-structures of the day-to-day personality.


Coaching is individual process-accompaniment in the private and professional context. Coaching helps find solutions, encourages perception, self-reflection and growth. Together, we work intensively on your personality, and on the action and thinking patterns to which you repeatedly and subconsciously revert. During in-depth sessions with a suitable sparring partner you will find the individual answers that will ultimately help you overcome self-imposed limitations, discover new clarity as well as unexpected potential and opportunities. You yourself must contribute openness, courage and curiosity, in order to take a look behind the facades of your self.


Mindful Movement accompanies the mental work with physical work on the path of yoga. This enables us to dismantle and remodel defined thought patterns through new forms of movement. Because our body and our movements are a reflection of our thoughts and emotions. The body simultaneously influences and reflects the way we think, feel and act.

We move as we think – and vice avers: mindfully and consciously – or, however, automatically and inattentively. Awareness in the moment requires constant presence in the body. If we develop the potential of the body, we can also transform the psyche. Using movement meditation and new forms of movement, inspired by the path of yoga, we succeed in making our thoughts and emotions open for new impulses. In this way we remodel our thoughts and also shape our self-created reality. Movements outside of the known patterns, fluently connected to your breathing, support your mental and emotional work, and allow you to become immersed in undiscovered potential and opportunities.

Eva & Nicholas

Eva Klein

Eva is more than just an ordinary yoga teacher. Eva lives yoga – with body, soul and mind. For her, yoga is more than “making cool shapes with your body,” and it likewise does not end when you leave the course room. Eva’s classes and her teaching thrive on humor and easiness, gentleness and depth.

That has not always been the case. A rapid career initially propelled her to the top echelons of an international medical technology company as a natural scientist and manager. She did not spend her time barefoot on the yoga mat, but rather with high heels and designer bag at airports, supervising studies, managing Skype conferences or meetings in other time zones. Absolute responsibility. Absolute stress. Meaningful and fulfilled? Less so.

Was that it? She increasingly questioned the grueling and egocentric lifestyle, began searching and allowed herself to be found by yoga – a deep connection that will never come to an end. Yoga became her life and her calling. Today, Eva says: “Yoga is my inner path of transformation through work with body and mind – on and away from the mat.”

Her work combines traditional elements and classical asanas from yoga with flowing, intuitive movements. Her sessions are gentle, elegant and powerful at the same time. As a Senior Teacher with the experience of over 2,000 teaching sessions (E-RYT 200/YA), Eva teaches in international yoga courses and retreats, and coaches individuals, competitive sportspersons and business clients.

As German Ambassador she is one of the pioneers in spreading Budokon in the German-speaking countries. “Budokon” stems from Japanese and means “Path of the spiritual warrior” (Bu = warrior, Do = path and Kon = spirit). “Combining yoga and Budokon has taught me to unite the warrior and the yogi in me – the duality that is inside every one of us.”

Eva is also a Brand Ambassador for Lululemon (www.lululemon.com), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of yoga and fitness clothing. Eva appears in the professional media as cover girl and interview partner. Her online yoga classes in German and English are available on leading yoga portals.

During her sessions, Eva uses her warmth to create a space in which participants can explore themselves. She loves undertones and pays attention to what happens between the asanas. Calmness when dealing with others, patience with herself, trust in life and acceptance of things as they are: Eva has learned this through the practice of yoga. And she wishes to pass this on to her course participants.


Professional background
  • Yoga teacher E-RYT 200
  • Marketing Manager Strategic and Operative Marketing of the Business Units Orthopedics & Oncology for a start-up company in medical technology.
  • Surgery supervision & training of specialist medical personnel, doctors and distributors
  • Consultant HealthCare / Pharma / Medical Devices in an international personnel consultancy
  • Customer Business Development in the Pharmaceuticals division of a globally leading corporation
  • Degree in natural sciences with focal areas molecular genetics and embryology
  • Presenter at the Wanderlust Festival
  • Brand Ambassador Lululemon
  • German Ambassador Budokon
  • Student of the Diamond Approach

Nicholas Pesch

California, Israel, Thailand or Hawaii – Nicholas knows the spiritual sites of this planet. He has spent long weeks and months of silent meditation and mental training at retreat centers and monasteries. This has given him great awareness. Awareness that is really needed in our era characterized by pressure to achieve, uncertainty and tempo.

In the past, Nicholas lived in two separate worlds. On the one hand in the world of a top manager. A life spent living out of a suitcase, always ultra busy. From one meeting to the next, laptop on his knees, wherever a suitable place to work could be found in the airport or hotel. The New Economy was booming, and he was responsible for leading more than 1,000 employees. Yet alongside the grueling profession there remained a deep yearning. The desire to go beneath the surface. The desire to free yourself from your shackles. The yearning for freedom, for meaning, for happiness. During his escapes to spiritual work he was able to satisfy this desire, before being catapulted back into his turbulent business world.

Today, Nicholas has overcome his life in two worlds. No matter whether he is sitting in a conference or in a meditation room – he is always in a state of awareness, of complete presence. The separate worlds are no longer separate. They have become one.

Nicholas Pesch has a mission: he has devoted his life to mediating between the two worlds of business and spirituality. Because he knows that genuine potential can only develop if our mind, our body and our soul are brought into a state of equilibrium. “Your mind is the key to performance excellence”: this is the profound conviction of the successful cosmopolitan, business consultant, author, top executive coach and mentor. But for him it is not solely about performance. It is about deeply felt pleasure, about concentration and mindfulness. And about compassion – for oneself and for other people.

Nicholas Pesch practices what he preaches. And he will remind you that you always have access to both worlds – at all times, wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Because you are also both worlds.

Professional background
  • Managing Director of Transformation Beyond
  • Speaker and author
  • Organizational Consultant and Executive Coach
  • Principal in an international business consultancy for Human Resources Management
  • Head of a business consultancy for personnel and organizational development
  • Director of a leading German call-center company
  • HR Development in an international advertising and marketing agency
  • Degree in social sciences
Further training
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CTI)
  • Certified Executive Coach (Hephaistos)
  • Further training courses in systemic consulting and systemic coaching (including Fritz Simon)
  • Process Consultant (Team Rosenkranz)
  • Communication Consultant (Schulz v. Thun)
  • Further training courses in gestalt therapy, psychodrama, transaction analysis, group dynamics, NLP
  • Training courses in Enneagram (Enneagram Institute, Riso/Hudson)
  • Member of the ICF International Coaching Federation
  • Extensive meditation experience in Dzogchen, Mahmudra, Vipassana
  • Longstanding student of the Diamond Approach (A.H. Almaas)

Motto of the week: Do each other good

Especially at Christmas time and at the end of the year, many people are concerned about what they have achieved during the year. Have I been able to achieve my desired weight, have I found my dream partner, have I got the promotion I deserve?

And again and again the question of meaning arises. In the end, it’s all about one thing: because in order to lead a really meaningful life, you don’t have to believe in a religion or ideology – as long as you are motivated by deep love and compassion for other living beings, your path is the right one. If it is within your power to make other people happy, do it. The world needs more of this.

It is basically quite simple: to do each other good. That’s what it’s all about. You smile and the world changes. On this note we wish all readers a Merry Christmas!


  • Eva and Nicholas are very different in terms of their manner, but for precisely this reason absolutely enriching and inspiring. An intensive time-out with moments of deep calm and periods of great clarity. It has been of great help to me in discovering my own truth and sensing myself in my body. This retreat has changed my life!

    Martina S., Marketing Manager
  • A genuine eye-opener. Discovering my blind spots and beliefs was not always easy and pleasant. But it was worthwhile: a completely new experience for me, my body and my way of thinking. So much movement and calm at the same time - much more than I had experienced previously in seminars.

    Gabriele H., Entrepreneur Entrepreneur
  • Eva and Nicholas are highly professional, have extensive experience and authentically practice what they teach. Self-experience and coaching combined with physical exercises and yoga - and all with two teachers who really epitomize mastery. Would book this again immediately.

    Gerald M, CEO
  • The workshop was a very inspiring and exciting experience that helped me re-structure myself and my life. Absolutely worthwhile - the best investment I could make in my self.

    Ulrich G, lawyer
  • Brilliantly communicated content, many thought-provoking impulses that have lastingly changed my own actions. Thanks to two such inspiring people, and for this experience that far exceeded my expectations.

    Andrea N., teacher
  • With no previous experience of yoga and meditation I was initially definitely somewhat skeptical. However, I was more than pleasantly surprised: Eva and Nicholas opened up new dimensions for me and my life in a very clear and authentic manner, and with no esotericism whatsoever. For me, this retreat was a gateway to my self and has changed my life. I feel richly rewarded.

    Frank W., HR Consultant