For Eva, yoga is more than “making cool shapes with your body,” and it likewise does not end when you leave the course room. Your sessions will be characterized by a great deal of humor, gentleness and profoundness. Easiness is an important part of her teaching.

If you wish to “go further” in your practice of yoga and to deepen your level of knowledge, then this is precisely the place for you.

It includes a deeper insight “behind the scenes” of the asanas as well as a host of tips on technique. Eva approaches the anatomy of the asanas together with you: What muscle groups are required? What technique and preparation do you need in order to master these, and what deep experience can the asana impart? Eva concerns herself very individually with each single participant and supports him/her.

New skills and knowledge are developed in detail together with the participants – on an hourly basis or even over several days.

Eva’s passion for yoga brings her into contact with many superb yogis in highly differing workshops throughout Germany and Europe. This results in long-term encounters and lasting experiences whose effects endure for years. Her workshops set very individual focal points as well as themes.

Classes available in English upon request

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March 2019

Ostfildern, Workshop Yogaschule Ostfildern

München, Lagree Loves Yoga 

München, Workshop Patrick Broom

Hamburg, Masterclass ISY

Lübeck, Workshop Yogame

April 2019

MMM Retreat Conscious Living

Lululemon Global Ambassador Summit, Whistler Canada

May 2019

Mellau, Retreat Yogadelight

Hamburg, MMM-The Essential

June 2019

Wanderlust 108 München

Südtirol, Retreat Yogadelight

September 2019

Wanderlust Festival GaPa

October 2019

München, Yoga Conference 

Köln, Lord Vishnus Couch

SUI, Bella Yoga Horn


Interested in more? More yoga? More transformation? If so, you will find a selection of various programs here.

Yoga Retreats Yoga is clearly at the forefront during these breaks lasting several days. Here you can immerse yourself fully in your yoga and switch off at selected power places. You will enjoy several inspiring yoga sessions each day and a relaxing time as part of a group – well away from everyday life.

Eva’s retreats are a collaboration with Yogadelight. Find the upcoming events here:
Links to Yoga Retreats of Yogadelight

MIND MOVEMENT MASTERY If you wish to go into greater depth for more transformation through movement of body and mind, then MIND MOVEMENT MASTERY is just the right thing for you. During joint retreats lasting several days or one-day intensive workshops, Eva Klein and Nicholas Pesch combine inner work and mental training with challenging and encouraging yoga. Your personal transformation and your progress are at the forefront.

We go into real depth here. The personal, individual supervision and the customized sessions help you re-identify and experience your needs. For new self-awareness and greater fulfillment at work and in your leisure time.

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One to One

Personal Yoga places your individual needs at the top of the priority list. You have extensive professional commitments, have little flexibility time-wise, want to experience your yoga individually or finally learn your favorite asana? If so, individual work is the best solution for you. We agree the timing and the focal points personally, and concentrate fully on you, your wishes and goals. And with a smile at all times. The world remains outside.

Classes available in English upon request

Take your Yoga and yourself to the next level 


Physical and mental well-being at the workplace are important success factors for commitment and enjoyment in our job. However, in our ever faster world we frequently lose the opportunity of taking deliberate breaks for body and mind.

Business Yoga is a module that enables staff and managers to integrate these moments into their everyday working life. These sessions are tailored to your needs, and strengthen the back and shoulder muscles in a very targeted manner, as well as relieving tension in the neck area through suitable stretching exercises. The focus on conscious breathing helps you to also relax mentally and to slow down the carousel of thoughts.

Classes available in English upon request

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