Eva Klein Yoga

“Yoga is not about touching your toes, it is about what you learn on the way down.”

“Yoga has a major transforming power over body and mind. If you allow this power.”

So much has already been said about yoga and I am convinced that there is a fitting style for every one of us – be it dynamic and physically challenging or intended more for quiet moments, relaxation and letting go. Yoga changes. Yoga unites.

The yoga mat is the mirror of your everyday life. Confined to two square meters, you learn to deal with challenges, to come to terms with defeats, to strive for and accept success. Yoga will change you – not from one moment to the next, but lastingly and both physically and mentally. Become stronger and more vigorous, and learn to live with emotions such as pleasure, frustration, sorrow, curiosity, and to shape your own transformation.





About Eva

Eva Klein is more than just an ordinary yoga teacher. She lives yoga with body, soul and mind.

That has not always been the case. A rapid career initially propelled her to the top echelons of an international medical technology company as a natural scientist and manager. She did not spend her time barefoot on the yoga mat, but rather with high heels and designer bag at airports, managing Skype conferences or meetings in other time zones. However, she did not find fulfillment there. This came later with yoga.

“When yoga found me many years ago, I had no idea of just how much it would change my life. What for me began as a purely physical form of movement transformed my inner self. From the outside this may seem like a purely physical practice. However, it goes far deeper than I can explain with words. It is my way of finding my self.”

In her yoga, Eva combines traditional elements and classic asanas with flowing, intuitive movements. Her sessions are gentle, elegant and powerful at the same time. As a Senior Teacher with the experience of over 2,000 teaching sessions (E-RYT 200/YA), Eva teaches in international yoga courses and retreats, and coaches individuals, competitive sportspersons and business clients.

As German Ambassador she is one of the pioneers in spreading Budokon in the German-speaking countries. “Budokon” stems from Japanese and means “Path of the spiritual warrior” (Bu = warrior, Do = path and Kon = spirit). “Combining yoga and Budokon has taught me to unite the warrior and the yogi in me – the duality that is inside every one of us.” Eva inspires thousands of people for yoga at international festivals such as the world-renowned “Wanderlust”. Eva is also a Brand Ambassador for Lululemonone of the world’s leading manufacturers of yoga and fitness clothing. Eva appears in the professional media as cover girl and interview partner. 

Where to meet Eva

Eva’s retreats are a collaboration with Yogadelight.
Find the upcoming events here:

Classes in Munich:

Wednesdays, 18:15- 20:00 All Level Patrick Broome Yoga Studio Schwabing
Fridays, 10:30- 12:00 All Level Patrick Broome Yoga Studio Lehel
Fridays, 17:00-18:30 All Level Patrick Broome Yoga Studio Lehel
Saturdays, 12:15-13:45 All Level Patrick Broome Yoga Studio Lehel

Yogadelight Dates

March 2019

Ostfildern, Workshop Yogaschule Ostfildern

München, Lagree Loves Yoga 

München, Workshop Patrick Broom

Hamburg, Masterclass ISY

Lübeck, Workshop Yogame

April 2019

MMM Retreat Conscious Living

Lululemon Global Ambassador Summit, Whistler Canada

May 2019

Mellau, Retreat Yogadelight

Hamburg, MMM-The Essential

June 2019

Wanderlust 108 München

Südtirol, Retreat Yogadelight

September 2019


Wanderlust Festival GaPa

October 2019

München, Yoga Conference 

Köln, Lord Vishnus Couch

SUI, Bella Yoga Horn

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  • "Eva is radiant! Constantly! Her energy is tangible. She has the wonderful talent of meeting people precisely where they are at a particular moment. She quickly assimilates the mood and organizes her lesson accordingly. Eva knows who wants to be left in peace, who needs help, who would perhaps like more. An intense physical feeling is created. Her focal points are very circumspect and precise. She surprises. She emboldens, gives tips and always has a sympathetic ear. The day can begin..."

    Barbara H. Wiesbaden
  • "Eva is manifestly attractive, remarkably strong and effortlessly performs even these very complicated asanas of which I can only dream. Far more attractive about Eva and her yoga however is what is not visible at first glance. This teacher attaches importance to personal contact Participants receive a warm-hearted welcome and are greeted with their name. Although Eva portrays herself as a yoga model in photos and magazines, during the course she is however fully with us students, emotionally present at all times and completely in her element. I love the quiet tones and what happens between the Asanas. Eva is a clever, grateful woman with a subtle sense of humor as well as a great deal of style and quality awareness. What distinguishes this teacher for me cannot be learned in any training, and I thank Eva from the bottom of my heart for every course I have the privilege to experience and that I always regard as a genuine gift for my body and mind."

    Eva S. Munich
  • "The yoga retreat with Eva and Beate on Lake Constance was wonderful. Eva is a very good, pleasant yoga teacher with extensive knowledge. Her flowing, playful and powerful sequences and her energy leave a wonderful feeling. She is very helpful and provides valuable tips. I very much enjoyed the varied, well complementing sequences with her and Beate, and took a great deal with me. The harmonious interaction between Eva and Beate during the jointly led sessions was also very impressive. Thank you."

    Sina G. Zurich / Switzerland
  • "Eva is a wonderful senior yoga teacher who makes her classes accessible to all levels. Her asana sequences are intelligently balanced, grounding and uplifting, calming and energising, allowing practitioners to open the body gradually and safely safely move into more advanced poses. I also had a great 2-hour one-to-one practice with Eva, during which I learnt advanced and safe arm balancing techniques. Her knowledge of anatomy and correct alignment made me feel safe and allowed me to progress rapidly. Always smiling, Eva is one of the most inspirational yoga teachers with whom I have practiced with."

    Alain Z. London / UK