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Genuine success and spirituality are inseparable! Those who wish to achieve significant things – whether professionally or privately, as founder or top executive – need the clarity of the mind and the inner calm vital to implementation. Volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous – that is the world around us in these high-speed times. We run, work and do in all this complexity, but frequently have lost the meaning behind our actions. We are permanently “on”, distract ourselves, define ourselves via activity. Our mind, our innermost element, is frequently no longer able to keep up. A focused mind, self-reflection and introspection are key competencies for success and meaningful experience. Get to know yourself, your motives, your actions. Meet the outer with a strong, down-to-earth and clear inner, and use the wisdom of universal, spiritual principles for your success and your happiness.

The former top Manager Nicholas Pesch has understood that genuine greatness and excellence are only possible if we again move from “doing” to “being”. He lives according to this principle – every day – and with better results every day. As a keynote speaker he inspires people not only to re-think, but also to restructure their thoughts. This is not about a new management style. BUDDHA MANAGEMENT goes deeper, to the essence of people – to the place where real change becomes possible. His speeches and coaching sessions trigger fundamental change processes. Not through a wondrous enlightenment, but rather through psychologically well-founded and empathetic mental work.

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In the past, Nicholas Pesch lived in two separate worlds. On the one hand in the world of a top manager. From one meeting to the next, laptop on his knees, wherever a suitable place to work could be found in the airport or hotel.  The New Economy was booming, and he was responsible for leading more than 1,000 employees. Yet one question remained alongside the grueling profession. What happens if all this ends? What will remain when success stops? Or put another way: Who am I away from my profession? In his other world, during his breaks at meditation retreats, he felt well-balanced, energetic, fulfilled and happy. A mindset that he also longed for in his work, but one that could not be achieved there.

Today, Pesch has overcome the separation of the worlds and has found his mission: he shows managers the difference between busyness and business. Because the belief that happiness and satisfaction stand in the way of success is a fatal fallacy. On the contrary: productivity and success increase immensely when we find fulfillment of meaning and happiness.

“Your mind is the key to Performance Excellence! What we must achieve first and foremost is Mind Excellence.” This is the profound conviction of the successful cosmopolitan, business consultant, author, top executive coach and mentor, a conviction that he passes on.

"And suddenly I was writing emails with the same awareness as when meditating."

Meditating during a meeting? Yoga in front of your desk? Finding calm in a storm of emails? Sounds like a dream scenario in a world in which stress is considered sexy – and in which “work-life balance” suggests that working is not living. Top performers are always at full speed. Relentlessly without rest is their motto. Breaks? A luxury enjoyed only by the lazy. Studies prove what has long been common knowledge: job action and a lack of leisure time have become status symbols. Life comes later. And fate has invented burn-out for coming back down to earth.

Only work, hardly any life: for a long time, Nicholas Pesch was taken in by this madness. As a top manager with a meteoric rise in the new economy, success moved from being an end in itself to an addiction. On the one hand there were the fine wines, smart lobbies and frequent-flier miles. On the other hand meditation and self-discovery – just for far too short a time and far too rarely. Separated by an insurmountable wall from the life in the fast lane. Until the big bang came. The tank was empty, the hustle and bustle of the rat race had lost their meaning.

What followed was paralyzing fear – fear that nothing would be left when the success faded. Not the fate of one individual, but a risk to which every workaholic is exposed. “This separation – actually just a construct of our mind – must be overcome,” says Pesch today, and uses “I am everything except busy” to show you how this actually works.

As a consultant to international companies Pesch is an expert in transformation management – as a speaker and author he is passionate about inner transformation. 49 impulses show readers how they can finally overcome the work-life balancing act, instead again learning to appreciate their own needs – and above all how to fulfill them. Pesch brings clarity and depth when dealing with themes that quickly trigger shame and fear in everyday life: monotony, problems, sex, death. “Don’t know that, don’t want that, is fantastic, I don’t care,” are the standard replies. Convenient but dangerous. Because those who refuse to think outside the box will get nowhere, certainly not as far as recognizing meaning in their own actions. “I am everything except busy” erases run-of-the-mill perceptions and opens the eyes to what makes people contented in the long-term: success, through genuine presence and precise knowledge of individual needs. The result? No matter whether cold calling or wellness massage – your mindset remains the same: focused and composed. It need not therefore be the yoga mat in the office hallway: reading “I am everything except busy” has the same effect – and occupies less space in your briefcase.

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  • Nicholas Pesch is a brilliant speaker. His captivating presentations challenge and prompt thought. He convinces lastingly through his charisma.

    Claudia S., Congress Organizer
  • I recommend Nicholas Pesch’s book to all those looking for a comprehensive work to support them during self-reflection and the search for meaning. It guides readers gently into the depths of their personality.

  • For me, the coaching with Nicholas Pesch was a journey to my self. Without exaggerating – it changed my life. It was an intense and worthwhile process: the foundation for a more fulfilled life and greater happiness at work and with my family.

    Arndt H., Director
  • If Nicholas Pesch’s book helps me again become a bit better, then it was worth the money. And I have the feeling that the book is making me better.

    Robert E., Board Member
  • The presentations by Nicholas Pesch light a fire in people. With his clear messages he reaches the minds and hearts of his listeners, and brings about a genuine change in mindset and behavior.

    Christine B., Director
  • Nicholas Pesch accompanied me during the biggest crisis of my life. The coaching sessions with him were an important anchor – both professionally and privately. His great clarity and empathy helped me develop new perspectives and find my way. Many thanks.

    Roland M., Director