Busyness as status symbol?

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Yoga in front of the desk or brief meditation before the next big meeting? For most managers this sounds like a dream world: commendable perhaps, impossible however in practice. Because ultimately, the rule in almost all companies is that only those who are permanently stressed and fill their days with activities right down to the last second, are regarded as successful.

Busyness makes you unsuccessful

And that is wrong. On the contrary, it is indeed the most reliable way not only to be unsuccessful in the long term, but also to become ill. Despite this, busyness is still seen as a status symbol. Those who appear as busy as possible are perceived as successful. Appear, not are. Appearances are everything – and they are deceptive. Because this addiction to activity without equalization through phases of calm and relaxation necessarily leads to a drop in performance, a loss of meaning, and logically at some stage to slips on the ladder of success.

Doing with awareness – it is possible.

I myself spent many years living in two separate worlds, was the permanently stressed top manager in the business world, and relaxed, calm and happy during my meditation retreats. Today I know that these two conditions – action and awareness – are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, reconciling them increases the benefit for person and company. It is not about escaping from the rat race from time to time – for example at the weekend or during the two weeks of vacation each year. It is about permanently achieving awareness in one’s doings, and writing emails with the same clear awareness as acquired during meditation.

Away from the stress

So how can we succeed in escaping from perpetual busyness? First of all by observing. Unmask your very personal trigger points: When do you become stressed? What puts you under pressure? The more clarity you develop here, the more opportunities you will have to take countermeasures in the decisive moments and to consciously manage your behavior.

Key competency concentration

Also indispensable for genuine top performance is focus and concentration on one thing, rather than erratic and nervous multitasking.  This concentration can be trained – best of all through meditation.  The effect is immense: your activities develop from inner calm and clarity, your effectiveness increases significantly.   Instead of suffering from permanent busyness and hectic, you organize your life with awareness, relaxation and alertness – both at work as well as at home. In this way you will be genuinely successful!

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